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The New Age Spiritualist Church is a registered charity and completely independent.

Our doors are open to everybody regardless of race, culture or religion.

On our website you can find all the details of our weekly services and how to find us.

There is also a list of speakers for the month.

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Week of 16 September 2019


  • Thursday 19 September – Angela Atkinson (Doncaster)
  • Sunday 22 September – Chris and Lance Saddlington (Camblesforth)

Meditation/Relaxation – Every Monday at 1pm, doors open at 12:30. £4 per session. Please note Monday 23 September is cancelled.

Day of Readings – Saturday 26 October, £15 per reading (£5 non-refundable deposit and pay the remainder on the day). Book your reading at the church and choose from 7 readers.

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