New Age Spiritualist Church

23 John Street, Hull

New Age Spiritualist Church, 23 John Street, Hull


After some years in the Boulevard off Hessle Road, Hull, in 1975 we moved to a small, upstairs room at 19 John Street. Everybody remarked on the feeling of enfolding love we had there. However we needed a downstairs property and began serious fundraising.

Our efforts were rewarded in July 1999, when we signed a lease for nearby 23 John Street. Wonderful! A downstairs church, meeting rooms and even hot water! Then came the nightmare of expensive renovation and decoration. Our wonderful congregation helped our dedicated team, who worked hard to fund the work and make the place habitable. The wonderful day of our dedication service, in December 1999, brought an emotional mixture of achievement, relief and pride in our beautiful church.

Since then our church has gone from strength to strength. Our own team do anything and everything, including making tea, chairing & taking services, meditation groups and healing. There is not much we don’t turn our hand to and you, our congregation, help by supporting us all the way. We thank you for this.

We still sing the last verse of “Eternal Father” as our link with the fishing community of Hessle Road. Above all else, people still say what a wonderful feeling of love we have at John Street, and may this always be so.

…and a thank you

We are always grateful for the support we receive from our “regulars”. Thank you all.

For those of you who are new to us, we would ask your help in keeping our doors open. Our work is entirely voluntary and our church is fully independent. We receive no financial help from any source but the people who come to the church. The church’s mediums never take payment, however, we have to pay the expenses of visiting mediums, as well as rent, gas, electricity, water, advertising, telephone, repairs & renovations etc.

Members of our church group provide refreshments and most raffle prizes, but our main source of income comes via your donations in the collection box.

Please can we ask that you help us by making a minimum donation of £1 (we would appreciate more of course if you can afford it).

Thank you for your continued support. The NASC is a registered charity. We are not affiliated to any other church or organisation, but we try to work in harmony with all churches, spiritualist or otherwise.

Registered Charity Number: 1017929